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Your world-class digital health team.

Growing your product engineering team?

 We have over 450 people that can fill in your missing pieces.

They are engineers, designers and product managers specifically trained to work on healthcare projects, who understand the requirements of the industry, and who can seamlessly embed with your team within a week.

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Tim Fitzpatrick, Founder of Ikona Health
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I couldn’t be happier with the partner I found in Persimmon. We’ve grown to a 40-person team that handles design, apps, data, analytics, and integration across multiple product lines. Persimmon understands the dynamic nature of startups, and adapts our team to have the skills we need as soon as we need them. They haven’t let me down.

Mark Fortner
CEO, Aspen Biosciences
Aspen Bioscience

What sets us apart?

We vigorously screen applicants, and only hire the best. We then train them further. First, on the best practices in industry for engineering and remote collaboration. And then on the terminology, data formats, and workings of the US healthcare system. This prepares them to seamlessly integrate with your team with minimal ramp-up time. No (re)training is needed, our people plug right in to accelerate your team.


We hire only 2% of the people who apply. We evaluate them on their skills, curiosity, attitude, and ambition.

  • Top Resumes
  • Coding or Design Exam
  • Interviews
  • Take-home exercises

Engineering Training

We train on best practices for quality engineering and remote collaboration.

  • Maintainable Code
  • Code Reviews
  • Refactoring
  • Automated Testing
  • Remote Collaboration
  • Agile Development

Healthcare University

Our people enter something we call Healthcare University - a set of learning modules and exercises that prepare them for healthcare projects.

  • US Healthcare System
  • HIPAA Compliance for Developers
  • Healthcare Data
  • Billing
  • FHIR and HL7

Culture of Innovation

Our people continuously work on projects with senior mentorship until we’re sure they’re ready.

  • Open Source
  • Internal Products
  • Shadow Projects
  • Other Startups

We have a track record of building 50+ successful digital health products.

Patient Engagement and Personalization

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EHR Integrations

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Remote Patient

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Care Collaboration

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Workflow Digitization
& Automation

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Staff Augmentation Playbook for Digital Health Startups

The most effective way for digital health startups to use offshore staff augmentation to accelerate product development.

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Get your copy
Staff augmentation playbook

Our team can truly help you move faster and attain scale.

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