Digital Health Community Podcast

We recognize that we need a global movement to change healthcare that works for the patients. For that movement, we need a community of leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who are at the vanguard of transforming healthcare through digital health. Persimmon health wants to curate, cultivate, and moderate conversations with those community leaders. Hence, we believe that podcasting is a great medium to bring the community together. In the podcast, you will find discussions and real stories of digital health innovators and enablers of digital health.  We will bring the conversations on the various topics such as digital health startups, products, technologies, etc. within the digital health ecosystem to the community. We invite you to participate in the movement of transforming healthcare for everyone, to join the community and share stories that accelerate the movement.

Latest episodes

June 10, 2022
Automating healthcare claims for providers

In this podcast, Hanes shares his experience with the US claim management process and its challenges. He further exemplifies how DocVocate helps stem many denials and eventually saves the resources that go into re-processing the same claims repeatedly.

April 20, 2022
Raising angel investments for digital health startups

In this episode, we talk to Tim Cooley, Start-up Chief of Staff, Executive Director - Park City Angels and the author of the book “The Pitch Deck Book”