Expand care accessibility

Reduce hospital readmission and care cost to improve patient health outcome.

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Persimmon Health - Improve patient health out-come

At Persimmon, our main goal is to put patients at the center of the universe.

Persimmon enables chronic disease patients to live physically, mentally, and financially healthy and happy lives.

Persimmon Health - Roadmap for patients.

Supporting patients in the
comfort of their home.

Next Generation RPM

Patients are prioritized according to their health status so that care coordinators can remotely figure out patients who need immediate attention.

Value-based care technology

Caregivers and healthcare professionals can coordinate through technology to keep track of the ongoing medication, observation, and evaluation. Thus saving money, time and resources.

Medication Management

Any alterations in the prescribed medications for the patients will be duly recorded and tracked for future reference.

Evaluating health state techquity

We fully understand the relationship between healthcare and technology. With our solution, healthcare professionals can carefully assess the observations taken by the caregivers to evaluate the health state and formulate a care plan for patients.

Simplifying care coordination throughout the caregiving journey

Detailed reporting

A caregiver has the option of constantly tracking their patient’s vitals throughout our application, including an emergency alert system, with automated processes that save time and energy.

Enhanced communication

In-app audio and video features facilitate communication and make way for actionable solutions between caregivers and care coordinators.

Constant observation

Caregivers can report any fluctuation in the symptoms and signs of their patients to the concerned care coordinators through the system.

Technical automation

Communicating, organizing, and managing and scheduling all aspects of a patient’s healthcare maintenance are digitally simplified by the application to enhance the total patient experience.

Let’s take this forward

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