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We are part of a growing force that's fixing the US healthcare system.

When you choose Persimmon Health, you get a partner with unrelenting
commitment to the success of your business, patients, providers, and users.

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Our mission is to help Healthcare Innovators
to deliver software that

Our mission is to help startups, research institutions, and healthcare
organizations to deliver software that:

Persimmon Heath - Improves outcomes for patients

Improves outcomes for patients by keeping them well alongside treating them when they’re sick

Persimmon Health - Reduces costs while improving quality of care

Reduces costs while improving quality of care

Persimmon Health - Brings care to more patients

Brings care to more patients — regardless of their social determinants of health.


Persimmon Health is a purpose-built offering of Leapfrog Technology Inc. Over a 10 year period, Leapfrog Technology attracted 70% of its customer base from health innovators. We built a strong and loyal referral base because we developed specialists in patient-centric technologies applied to real-life healthcare use cases.

We partnered with a diverse array of healthcare innovators who were challenged to launch and scale specialized solutions. Those solutions required complex data, cloud, UX and interoperability and security development. And we delivered results to over 50 customers to help them Dream, Launch, Grow.

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Healthcare is personal to us.
Read our CEO's description of why we created Persimmon.

Where we are going

Where we are going

We formed Persimmon to coalesce, strengthen, and amplify our distinctive healthcare engineering competencies to make them more accessible and responsive to you, the healthcare innovator.

We are committed to bringing your vision to reality, and we are passionate about fixing healthcare together with you.

We have selected the metaphor of the Persimmon tree to symbolized our brand promise to our innovator customers.

Our Brand Promise

We've chosen to rally a new brand "Persimmon” that embodies our spirit of innovation to improve health for more people.

Persimmon is a fruit packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and myriad health benefits

Persimmons need time to ripen to reach full sweetness, which recalls the iterative process to find the sweet spot for products we work on.

Persimmons represent longevity and good luck. Puja ceremonies use them in Nepal to celebrate, where hundreds of our team live and work.

The persimmon life cycle, from seed to mature fruiting tree, reminds us of our mission to help health innovators Dream, Launch, Grow.

Our Brand Promise

Our experience and passion in
healthcare is what makes us so special.

Here are our values we live by.

Persimmon Health- Our experience and passion


We do the hard stuff so healthcare startups can focus on their dream, such as regulatory compliance, interoperability, and machine learning.

Persimmon Health- Our experience and passion


Unlike many companies, we have a dependable track record of over 10 years, so startups have trusted us with over 50 products.

Persimmon Health- Our experience and passion


We are built for startup speed for your launch because of our abundant resource capacity, agile software development method, and keep healthcare experience.

Healthcare innovation is our DNA.

We have over 350 developers, designers, data-engineers, and product
people that live and breathe healthcare. Here are some of them.

Persimmon Healthcare- Healthcare innovation is our DNA.

Chris Sprague


For the past eight years, Chris has led the healthcare division at Leapfrog, Persimmon’s parent company. During that time, he has helped over 20 healthcare startups build their products faster and with less risk by using


Himal Karmacharya

President (Healthcare Analytics)

Himal is a healthcare veteran who led large technology organizations at two healthcare analytics startups en route to their successful acquisitions. Himal founded Leapfrog...


Chandika Bhandari

President (Public Health)

Chandika has been a vanguard of the decentralization of healthcare. He has led software initiatives to support public health with customers such as the City of Seattle, Fire Departments, and schools.


Bimal Maharjan

Head of Product

Bimal has founded his startups, authored a book on overcoming personal health issues with one’s data as a guide, and been a trusted product advisor to successful ...

Persimmon Health - Bimal Maharjan

Seward Pulitzer

VP of Security

Seward served as Vice President of Operations for Verisk, a healthcare analytics company, and was a founding member of McKinsey & Company’s Objective Health initiative...


Matt Paulin

VP of Operations

Matt has spent a career organizing innovation teams. He founded and grew multiple companies, including a startup focused on high-quality crowdsourcing. He has worked to create...

Persimmon Health - Matt Paulin

Hugh Brennan

VP of Sales and Marketing

Hugh has helped launch numerous digital health startups after selling innovative technologies at organizations such as Cardinal and McKesson. He is a strategic leader...

Persimmon Health - Hugh Brennan
Persimmon Health- Team

We remove obstacles for
healthcare innovators.

Start immediately and engage flexibly.

We have over 350 healthcare designers and developers ready to help.

Persimmon Health - Health Innovator

Full Squad

You have an idea, but no technology team. We offer full product engineering teams that brings your idea to life in software.  All parts included.

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Team Augmentation

You have a team, but there are areas they need help moving faster.  Our people work alongside your teams with the skills you need most.

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You have a research grant, or new product features with hard timelines.  We help work backwards from your goals, and offer a plan and set of people that will deliver.

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