"I sought out acupuncture to address a chronic cold that I seemed to come down with every six weeks. Yonie was thoughtful and dedicated in her patient care. She worked with me to strengthen my immune system using needles, herbs and nutrition. In her care, my colds ceased, as did my periodic migraines, and the severity of my menstrual cramping reduced to the point that I no longer needed pain medication. Yonie also empowered me as a patient by recommending resources that helped me to take an active part in my own good health. She is an acupuncturist that I recommend without hesitation."

- T.M., 30

"Since receiving your acupuncture treatments several months ago, I have not experienced further pain in my right shoulder. It was well worth making the trips from Stockton to Merced for treatments. Thank you for your help."

- W. B.

"I originally didn't think acupuncture would help, but after one visit I felt better. I recommend it to anyone who has tried to find pain relief through other sources but haven't found the relief they've been looking for."

- D. S.

"I never thought I could get rid of my headaches. It took about 2 months of weekly treatments, but my headaches are gone, I get less sinus infections and have way more energy. I now get an acupuncture treatment once a month."

- S. L.

"I used to have road rage every day. Now I have none. My family thinks I'm funnier too."

- J. H.

"We tried everything to have a baby and had almost given up hope. We could tell she really cared with all the treatments, herbs, and nutritional advice she offered. It took about 5 months and a lot of work. We now have a healthy baby boy! Highly recommend Yonie for women dealing with infertility issue."

- A. C.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

"People were commenting after just the first treatment. 'You look so refreshed!' I can't wait for the results of a whole series."

- M.L., 46


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