Pain Management

It is quite common for patients to be told by their doctors that the real cause of pain of their pain cannot be found. Fortunately, acupuncture has acquired a very good reputation as a treatment for relieving pain. Today many physicians are now referring their patients for an acupuncture evaluation or patients are starting to investigate the potential of acupuncture and herbal treatment for themselves.

Modern research has many explanations on how Acupuncture can manage and control pain. They include acupuncture's ability to effect the transmission of pain impulses, to stimulate the release of endorphins (the body's natural pain relievers), to increase serotonin levels which influences one's sensitivity to pain, and to effect levels of acetylcholine and catecholamine levels - other neurotransmitters that influence our perception of pain. In terms of pain control and management, Acupuncture and Chinese herbs will help:

  • - Eliminate pain or reduce levels of pain
  • - Improve the ability to deal with pain
  • - Increase energy
  • - Increase the ability to perform everyday functions
  • - Enhance the quality of life
  • - Reduce dependancy on medications which cause unwanted side effects